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Church Supported Missionaries

We love all the missionaries that our church supports. Please take time to pray for them, send them an email or a card in the mail. 

Joel and Amanda Sewell
Serving with InterAct Ministries

Joel and Amanda serve with InterAct Ministries in Canada.


Mailing Address:

Box 288

Longview, Alberta TOL 1H0

Kris and Mary-Jane Howe
New Tribes Mission

Kris and Mary-Jane Howe serve with New Tribes Mission. "Following Christ is an adventure which sometimes includes twists and turns as we seek to hear and obey His leading.  We started off as church planters amongst the Asheninca people and God used the three years with these precious people to teach us many things about ourselves and to grow us in so many ways.  He knew along.   He had it all planned out before time and now He has led us, put us, and prepared us for our new roles in missionary children care and education.  Thank you Lord for leading, for directing, for showing us where we can best fit into your everlasting plan to see your name glorified amongst the nations!" 

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Mailing Address: 


Cruzeiro do Sul, AC 69980-000


Lee and Shanon Higdon

Lee and Shannon serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Togo and Benin, Africa.


Tim and Margarita Revett

Tim and Margarita Revett serve with Latin America Missions as educators at the New Horizon School, which provides a quality, Christ-centered education to the students of what once was a shantytown outside of Paraguay's capital, Asuncion. Margarita works with students who struggle with learning disabilities. She also works in children's and youth ministries, and is a church leader. Tim is developing and teaching New Horizon's English program. Additionally, he organizes evangelistic outreach and conducts discipleships with families and young men. One such discipleship is with the Christian inmate leaders inside the Tacumbu Prison, which is Paraguay's largest and most infamous correctional facility. Tim and Margarita desire to share with the people of Paraguay, the United States, and the rest of the world, the transformation, peace and fulfillment they've experienced through knowing Jesus.

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Garran and Hannah Dick

Garran and Hannah are working towards serving in Papua New Guinea with New Tribes Mission.